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   I am a Serbian Heritage Interpreter and a licensed Tour Guide for Belgrade and Serbia. I was born in Belgrade, and I have spent most of my life here, although I have lived and worked for years in other countries. I love travelling, and I have enjoyed long stays in different countries which enabled me to immerse in local life and to get to know local people on a personal level. I speak English, Spanish, Italian and of course Serbian.

  I started to work as a Tour Manager for Eastern and Central Europe right after I graduated from the Faculty of Philology at the University of Belgrade. I also became certified as a professional Tour Guide and a Heritage Interpreter at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Belgrade. I am legally licensed as an official tour guide by the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Serbia.

   After ten years of working as a Tour Manager for a luxury travel company from the USA and packing and unpacking my suitcase, I decided to start a new career as an interpreter, researcher and statistician.

   However, after a decade of sitting behind a desk, the travel bug returned, and I left the office to begin working independently as a professional private tour guide creating and offering my private heritage tours in Belgrade and Serbia. That's what I've been doing for the past 18 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and sharing everything I know about Belgrade, Serbia and the Balkans and their fascinating yet little known history. 

   As I find regular tourist tours quite monotonous I opt for private cultural tours and special interest tours which are more demanding for me but are a more rewarding experience for my clients. Private tours give me the opportunity to share far more information and on a more profound level, than the superficial comments on regular group tours. 

   During private tours in Belgrade and Serbia, I meet so many well-travelled people who ask interesting questions or share their experiences and impressions with me. Quite often my tours become an intense exchange of ideas and opinions. 

    SERBIAN HERITAGE TOURS are AUTHOR’S TOURS, tours with my signature. I have designed every single tour in Belgrade, day tour out of Belgrade and multi-day tour described on my website. Also, I guide each tour. Every tour is different because every client is unique.

   I'm a firm believer in the value of authentic travel experiences which is why my clients always have a chance to meet local people and talk to them. Although I am very serious and responsible for tour arrangements, once the tour starts, I like to laugh, and I consider humour to be a significant part of intercultural communication. 

   My Clients often ask me why is it that I am so happy and enjoy guiding so much. The answer is quite simple: MY PROFESSION IS MY PASSION.


Snezana Bulatovic 

Travel is all about experiences.

Even when you return from Serbia with tangible souvenirs, it’s the memories that those souvenirs stir inside you that are the true experiences that inspire travel.

This is what travel is really about – experiences that resonate long after they’ve happened.


"Thank you for sharing your country with us. Your passion for what you do is contagious."


    "Hey Snezana, I want to thank you again for such a moving experience, I have told my mother and grandparents about my trip and their eyes just lit up about what I told them I saw, especially Tito's tomb and all of the gifts, I think it is definitely a must for anybody that has a connection to the former-Yugoslavia as I do. I can't wait to come back to Belgrade to hopefully do more extensive tours in Serbia with you in the future. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart, I will never forget the raspberries on Knez Mihailova and the Sremska kobasica I bought with you at the supermarket. Keep up the good work!!! Snezana!!! Thank you so much for your incredible tour, it was really, really great to see Belgrade with you and I definitely do not think that I could have done all we did on my own so again, thank you so much for everything!!!" Constantine Fourtounis, New York, USA

  "Hi Snezana, Both Dad and I really enjoyed our time with you in your beautiful country. The history, the culture, the beautiful countryside, the friendly people and the food were great. We very much enjoyed the time you spent with us and all the history you were able to pass onto to us. It is clear that you are very passionate about what you do." Dr Stuart Smith, Ontario, CANADA

   "Dear Snezana, My wife and I so enjoyed our tour with you. We feel we gained insights which would otherwise have been denied to us. The Balkans are not easy for us to understand! We found Belgrade delightful." Peter Adams, London, GREAT BRITAIN


   "I'm speaking for me and Claudiu when saying that the whole tour was a pleasure (one of the highlights of our trip). The way you presented Serbian history, culture and politics made us leave with a lot of information we had no idea about in the beginning. And it made me feel closer to my Serbian roots...I'm planning to come to Belgrade more often and find out more about the history, so would very much like for us to stay in contact." Milan Gherga, Bucharest, ROMANIA

  I would like to thank warmly all my clients who commented and rated their experience with SERBIAN HERITAGE TOURS on Trip Advisor’s website.

   Thanks to my clients, SERBIAN HERITAGE TOURS was awarded Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence for the last 6 years in a row: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

   Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence is awarded to 10% best-rated activities worldwide.

  I would also like to thank Globe Pequot Pr, the Publisher and Laurence Mitchell, the Author of Bradt Travel Guide - Serbia for recommending SERBIAN HERITAGE TOURS to their readers.

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